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Post by Super balotelli on Sun May 03, 2015 9:41 am

1. No racist or offensive topics and/or posts.

2. No troll posts, or posts that have no reason to be there (general discussion excepted)

3. If your admin/moderator Application is denied, maybe you should look at why you were denied and try to improve it next time (minimum of 72 hours before trying again.)

4. Do not post after your topic has been denied, unless you are asking a relevant question that has not already been answered by the staff.

5. Please try to refrain from posting on other peoples applications unless you are a moderator/admin and are voting (you can do so after the app has been accepted or denied)

6. And finally, possibly the most important of all, Do NOT break these rules, or you shall receive a forum ban. (Which means NO admin/moderator apps for you.)

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