WildWingX's Admin Application

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WildWingX's Admin Application

Post by WildWingX on Sun May 03, 2015 1:45 pm

Name: Oliver Lin
Age: 14 (Turning 15 in October)
IGN: IB | VJB | WildWingX
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:93455352

Why do you want to apply:
Yes being a moderator can already stop the RDMers, but if they still come back to RDM even after the warning kick and warning ban for 1 hour, I can't do anything else but to warn them again and try to get a staff on; But if there are no staff online, then these RDMs are just going to continue. I want to apply for admin so I can ban those continuous RDMers and not bother the staff. Being an admin will also allow me and the other guards and prisoners to have more fun days such as 1000 HP warday, Blind games, fun death requests... The possibilities are infinite!

Have you had any previous experience:
I am a Head Admin on both IronBread Jailbreak and the Jailbreak Australia. I am also Moderator on your server!

Do you know our staff: I know:

  • Luxify
  • IBV | Super balotelli
  • IBV | FazedGamer
  • IBV | Tomik
  • IBV | MidnightGamingMNG


Do you work with other people well:
I work greatly with everyone unless they don't work well back.

Will you abuse the powers:
I will never abuse powers. If I applied just to abuse powers, I wouldn't have applied in the first place!

Do you have a CLEAR Microphone:
I use a Turtle Beach PLa Earforce headset. If that is not clear enough I don't know what is.

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Re: WildWingX's Admin Application

Post by MidNightGamingMNG on Sun May 03, 2015 7:37 pm

Wow... you don't even know me? ;( lol jk

Kinda looks like the same on my OLD forums... but since you were pretty good on my previous JB server, +0.5


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Re: WildWingX's Admin Application

Post by Super balotelli on Mon May 04, 2015 8:21 am

bro you are Accepted because we merged you are head admin?

Super balotelli

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Re: WildWingX's Admin Application

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